Mobile App Policies and Agreement

Mobile App Policies and Agreement


To view our Mobile Deposit User Agreement, please click here.

1. KCACU provides a PIN for a member’s first time log-in for account access for either internet or mobile app. Contact KCACU for login instructions and password resets.

2. Account access via the internet is free of charge.

3. Mobile App may be downloaded for free from Google Play (Android devices) and Apple App Store (Apple devices). When using the app, message and data rates may apply. Please check with your communications service provider for access rates, texting charges, and other applicable fees.

4. It is the responsible of the member to verify transfer account numbers and dollar amounts when using either online account access or mobile app.

5. Account balances resulting from mobile app and internet account transfers will take at least an hour to be available through the debit card.

6. Fees may be incurred with Mobile App usage as follows, mRDC transactions will have a charge of $1.00 per check deposited.

7. Checks deposited through mRDC are subject to approval and may have a 3-business day hold.

8. Members using mRDC will receive an email once a deposit has been accepted and posted to their account. Funds not subject to a hold will be available immediately in the account and within an hour for debit card use.

9. There is no limit to the quantity of checks that may be deposited via mRDC per day.

10. There is no limit to the amount of checks that may be deposited via mRDC per day.

11. All checks deposited remotely must bear the endorsement, “For Mobile Deposit”.

12. Please retain all mobile deposit checks for 10 days to insure proper credit.

13. Multiple checks must be deposited individually via mobile deposit capture. Deposit fees are per check NOT per deposit total.

14. Items that CAN be deposited: • Checks made payable to the account owner or joint owners that have been properly endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit”.

15. Items that CANNOT be deposited:

• Foreign checks • Bonds
• 3rd Party checks (checks signed over to member)
• Returned or Re-Deposited items
• Rebate checks (some have irregular size, format, or layout issues)
• May not be able to image money orders other than Western Union
• Substitute Check (copy provided by institution)

16. Cutoff time for submitting deposits for same day credit is 2:00pm CST (M-F)

17. Access to mRDC is considered a privilege of membership, abuse of the mobile deposit feature may be revoked immediately at the discretion of the credit union.

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